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stelle Arielle Bouchet author of Egypte Secrète-Secret Egypt, first book of the trilogy “Egypte Secrète”, « Provence Secrète” and “Italie Secrète” speaks to Moralmoda about the creation of Méditerranée en Lumière Publishing House and its first book “Egypte Secrète-Secret Egypt”.

MM: You are the the editor of Méditerranée en Lumière- (MEL) Publishing House, what is the spirit of MEL?
Estelle Arielle Bouchet: When I went to Frankfurt Book Fair three
years ago to find a publisher for my niche Art Book Egypte Secrète- Secret Egypt, and to promote another book “Louis Lliboutry, le Champollion des Glaces” Editions UGA, I have been striken by this plethoric market: they are so many international publishing houses of all kinds, I should admit that I was a bit lost there to publish my trilogy. I saw Taschen, Mondadori and some others relevant publishers.

In the past I have been an editorial consultant for the major Publishing Houses in Milan: Franco Maria Ricci (FMR publisher and black silk art books), Leonardo Arte, Mondadori, Electa, Hachette, Conde Nast Italia. And for some of them, I have been striken by the importance of sponsorship which could limit if not jeopardize, the independence of the editorial choices and creative directions especially for the big editorial groups. Sometimes, it happens they behave more as printing houses and money makers without specific strategies or relevant ideas losing thus if not their Soul, their intellectual spontaneity.

So I decided to create my own small intimate and artisanal Publishing House “Méditerranée en Lumière” based in north Avignon, former City of Popes in Provence.
The concept of Méditerranée en Lumière is to foster the economical, cultural and human exchanges between Peoples and Cultures from the Mediterranean Sea what we use to call from the latin world I belong “Mare Nostrum”- Our Sea. The idea of generosity and exchange comes from this appellation itself and highly seduced me. My purpose being to provide an exposure to Peoples and Cultures having things to say.

So all books projects laying the emphasis on these themes are most welcome and will be highly considered.

MM: Which books do you plan to publish in the next three years? Do you have an editorial strategy?
EAB: Egypte Secrète-Secret Egypt will be launched in October 2021, then Provence Secrète is already on the fire and will be launched in 2022, achieving the trilogy with Italie Secrète-Secret Italy, in 2023, dedicated to my younger florentine son Leonardo as Egypte Secrète- Secret Egypt is dedicated to my eldest, Nazem Shah.

Then our committee has validated Princess Catherine Gagarin’s Memories. I am also fascinated by Cultures from the East countries and these incredible and strong destinies… We’ll also publish “Terre Battue” the destiny of Leonora Shreger, young Hungarian lady which is a symbol of strength and resilience-she was Champion of Tennis of ex Yugoslavia and had to grapple, as a young jewish woman, with the threat of the Second World War. The family had to grapple with both Hitler Regime and Communism. My editorial strategy is the one of the Heart and uncommon Destinies.

MM: Could you tell us more about Egypte Secrète-Secret Egypt what is the genesis of this art book and initiatory path?
EAB: Egypte Secrète-Secret Egypt is dear to my heart. It is an intimate book, a love story that I have dedicated to my son Nazem Shah. I met Egypt and his father when I was twenty years old and I have been completely moved on by the balance and Spirituality of this Civilization.
My father, Professor Alain Bouchet was an illustrious anatomist and surgeon from Lyon and his knowledge was very much connected with Ancient Egypt. I lost him last year and he wanted me to write, what I always did since a child, and to become also an editor to publish historical and literary writings what I will do.
Egypte Secrète-Secret Egypte is a sequence of my life as a woman. There are in the lives of women Seasons and Colors…. And also a permanency with children, with the birth of this son which gave my young life its whole centrality. Here is then the Egypt as I lived through Her in the years of 1990, through this journey which spontaneously led me to a space of which I had always dreamt as a child. While in Lyon where I was born, in this city and its austere, studious and cold Latinity, I would gaze, as a little girl, at anatomy plates that my father meticulously drew.
They would soon conjure the symbolic significance of the organs which Isis desperately attempted to recreate a scattered Osiris. I could foresee then that Egypt would play an important part in the path of my life, and would feel a deep anchor, still not knowing future yet, to this civilization ardently leaning towards the afterlife. Here also are a few figures, for the most part older persons, today having passed away, whom I met in Cairo, with enthusiasm, while I was a twenty years old and to whom I pay tribute in this book. Last bastions of a vanished Egypt, a Secret Egypt, one of a far away Orient which disappears alongside my own balanced and nomadic path.

Photo 1. The Publishing House Méditerranée en Lumière-MEL 2. Decor of the author’s house in Cairo, Zamalek (from Secret Egypt book).

Photo 1. The Publishing House Méditerranée en Lumière-MEL

2. Decor of the author’s house in Cairo, Zamalek (from Secret Egypt book).


Secret Egypt (Fr.Egypte Secrète) art book in French-English version

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