December, 2020
Some of the good things that came out of this otherwise strife filled year of 2020, is people recognising the importance of sustainability and the return of old values or recycling, a much needed behvoioral change to address the mad cycle of manufacture, consume and throw away. This issue is significant in kids and toddlers segment, what with the increasing one-child families trend. Recognising a gap in the market, young entrepreneurs Erika Abd-Allah and Lucy James launched Cheeky Cherub this year with the aim to revolutionise the waste in the kidswear industry. They were quoted to have said, “If we can help extend the lifespan of quality clothing and children’s items, we’re playing an active role in limiting waste and reducing the number of items that end up in landfills.”

Having reclassified all used second-hand products as ‘pre-loved’, Cheeky Cherub collects and processes the products, hold the stock, ensures quality control, and process it to buyer. Good branding, a highly curated product selection and efficient concierge service has made it a one-stop shop to buy and sell pre-loved luxury items for children. The Founders said, “We’ve designed a bespoke platform that includes easy and quick upload forms as well as clear customer accounts where sellers can view their items, keep track of what’s sold and see when they’ll get paid.”
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